July 1, 2010

happy canada day!

Image courtesy of the Canadian Tourism Commission

Watching a movie at work

A macaroni cheese lunch at Mike's

Happy Canada Day to you all!

Hope you all had a wonderful day. How did you celebrate it? We didn't exactly celebrate today. We went to work. I hate having a day off on a Thursday only to have to come in on a Friday. It's insane! So I came in to work today to have tomorrow off. I haven't accumulated any vacation days to be able to take a day off yet so.. this was my only option. Since Mr C also went in to work (his office is closed Monday to coincide with the 4th), I brought Keira to work.

And boy was she a sweetie! There were some people in the office but not enough for Keira to bug them so.. I let her loose. hehe. First, she watched some movies.. then.. we went for walks in the hallways. Afterwards, I needed to really work so, she timidly walked around on her own. Emboldened, she pretty much ran around and around the entire afternoon! At times I could hear her singing in the hallways as well.

By 2:30, she'd had enough and after his meeting, Mr C came and took Keira home. Whew. I have to say.. the day pretty much dragged on after she left. I kinda wished she had stayed!

Off to Grandmaman's! With her new bike streamers! 

Beep beep!

We had a delish supper and afterwards, headed to the park and onward to see her Grandmaman and tante Loulou. On our way to the park, Keira was singing a song that I couldn't figure out until I got closer to her. It was the commercial to an appliance store! haha. She just kept singing that jingle over and over.. "The appliance specialist, c'est Corbeil!".
And that was our day! Suhweet.

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kribss said...

happy canada day to you my friend! sounds like you guys made a fun day of it!