July 24, 2010

family saturday

She's got a new tooth! She's also singing to the radio..

Well, today was a family day. Literally. We picked up my mom and met my sister and her family at my dad's grave site for a quiet memorial. The kids had no idea what we were doing or what a cemetery is. They were just happy to be together (they also wanted to know what those little 'houses' were). lol.

I had told Keira that we were going to see her harabogi (grandfather) and she literally took me word for word because once we got to his plot, she asked where he was. Oops! Had to backtrack and talk about heaven and earth there.

Hey! She looks like me...

My favorite dish right after horfun noodles, beef with chinese broccoli

Afterwards, we headed to the CDN area of Montreal and ate at a chinese restaurant for lunch. It was pretty empty when we got there but filled up quickly with the weekend lunch crowd. CDN is really the multi-cultural melting pot of Montreal. After a good meal, we brought my mom back to her place and decided to head downtown. I just wanted to fill my head up with nothingness really because I start thinking of, 'too bad Dad's not here to see his grandkids' and 'How would it be if he were still alive' type of things.

Checking out the Archie comic books at Indigo

The Alice in Wonderland book kept her mesmerized for a few minutes! Hm.. maybe it was Johnny Depp??

Yet another new signage for Urban Outfitters

Anyhoo, it was super humid today and even though it looked like rain, it never really did. Of course we ended up at Zara Kids! And yes, I did buy something for Keira. You'll have to wait and see what. I also wanted to check out Urban Outfitters since their website is now blocked for us lucky Quebecers (language police shut them down). The place was packed! I could barely look at anything and when I did, I wanted to take it home with me! I wanted to buy a few things but the line up at the cash was insane so I ended up with nothing. When we got back home, we all headed out to our local community outdoor pool and cooled off and had fun. Keira looooooooooooved it!

Guess who's sleeping soundly right now? Uh huh..


Audrey said...

That is really nice that you and your sister and your mom got together and went to your father's gravesite together. He would be very proud of his family. Sorry to hear that you were feeling down thinking of the 'what if's'. I feel the same way at times. I guess that feeling will never go away. Sending you a hug from B.C.

joyce said...

I also know the "what if's" feeling. I always wish my dad could have seen Devin. He's the only grandchild my dad didn't get to hold. Not fair. One measly month from when my dad died to when Devin was born. I repeatedly told my dad when he was in the hospital that he had to wait to see Devin. I get teary eyed just thinking about it.

Chantale said...

Thanks Joyce and Audrey! Big HUGs to you both too! It's been a really emotional roller coaster year hasn't it? What with your dad passing on and Ko mom passing... time passes so quickly yet.. I remember these moments like it was yesterday. Ladies, we did a silent prayer at your dad's site as well. Not to worry ladies, our dads are probably laughing and living it up somewhere. : ) Love to you both!!