July 8, 2010

a circus bento! summer bento #8

Today was Keira's first summer day trip with her summer camp. They're theme based and today's outing was based on the circus. Basically, I found out that they went somewhere with those big inflatable play thingies.. Hopefully it was inside and not outside. We're going through some kind of super heat wave here!

So, in keeping with the circus theme, I turned Keira's ham sammie into a clown face. I made the cheeks out of leftover marble cheese, the lips from mortadella and the eyes are sugar sprinkles. The nose is a cherry tomato that I hope to heaven above my kid actually tasted! The hat is just a single slice of enriched bread with a slice of marble cheddar and sprinkles in the holes (cut out with just a plain straw as instructed by Susan of Hawai'i's Bento Box). Holding up the hat is an extra mortadella mini sandwich! Lucky for me I had 1 packet left of the circus cookie Snak Pak so I added that to the lunchbox too!

And looky here, guess who's joined Keira at her summer day camp? Uh huh, her bff! They were both roaring to go on today's outing..

Ready, Set, Go!


sherimiya said...

So cute!! Love the curly hair!

Marisa Lyn said...
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Marisa Lyn said...

I must say I'm not a fan of real clowns but yours is so cute I can handle that one.

Chantale said...

Sheri: It's cheese! lol. Cheese cheese and more cheese. Can't get enough of it. Was going to make curly carrot hair but my carrot turned.. soggy. lol!
Marisa Lyn: Oh I know! I hate clowns but.. this is a cute kiddie one. ; )

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas said...

Wow, Chantale... your bento's keep getting more and more creative!

Cute pic of Keira and her bff!

susanyuen said...

Oh my gosh Chantale you are awesome! No learning curve for you! Your bentos are fabulous and this clown is soooo cute with matching circus cookies too. :)

Leah said...

Oh what cute BFFs they make! You must be the coolest Mom when she shows off her lunch! So So cute!

Anonymous said...

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