June 27, 2010

we ♡ mimimouse

I've already blogged about Mimimouse before.. but this time, I actually (and finally) ordered some tee's for Keira! I first saw Mimimouse on Bloesem Kids and I've been following both blogs ever since.

Keira is a funny little creature. One moment she's sitting pretty and the next, goes beserk over a detail on her shirts. Mostly.. she hates loose round-necked tees that she says keeps 'falling down' and then proceeds to stretch the shirt til it almost rips open. She also doesn't seem to like sleeves very much.

So when I saw Mimimouse's vest tee cut with a racer-back detail, I knew Keira would love it. I ordered the 'Lady' and 'Angel' wings tee.. Keira's been waiting for her package for the week and we finally picked it up yesterday at the post office. She loves it!

I loved the packaging and postcards!

I also loved the sweet personalized message.. Merci Nath!

I'm a sucker for beautiful and cute packages and this one was super cute! I also love the little floral tape Nath used and the extra post cards included with a sweet message. These tees are also high quality 95% cotton/5% elastane which gives the tee a great shape and stretch. This is really important for me as I don't want the tees to disintegrate in the wash & also, I have to keep to natural fabrics as Keira suffers from eczema & anything can flare it up (especially synthetics).

I love the detail and high quality..

Obviously Keira finds them super comfy..

Super comfy watching Thalassa..

The details are perfect on these! I think next up, I will get Keira this scarf.

Thank you Nath for sending the tees super fast! And for creating these.. they're going to be a summer fave!

You can check out Mimimouse's site here: www.mimimouse.com
And her blog here: http://mimimouse.canalblog.com
You can also check out the wonderful Bloesem Kids blog here: http://bkids.typepad.com/


Bron @ Baby Space said...

That pink T with wings is so cute! And I love the personalised message - it makes a lot of difference doesn't it?
The Baby Space toddler is allergy/eczema prone and I think synthetic fabrics make it flare up - however the eldest and my partner think I'm nuts - but I know what I see!
Anyway - cute wings :)

Leah said...

Oh love that tank top oh so cute!

kribss said...

she looks adorable! i've been wanting to order a few tee's from there but can't seem to part with my $$$. i'm such a tight wad : )