June 27, 2010

sleepover weekend

Matching jammies.. oh course..

Can there be any better way to start off summer than to spend 2 whole days with your best friend? Well, that's what Keira did! Instead of spending her last day at her school's daycare, Keira got to spend the day with Miss B whose nonna looked after them all day! I'm so grateful to her. She fed them, made sure they didn't get into trouble and let them have fun.

Lots of giggles and 'friends' in bed..

What do two little girls do behind closed doors? A gazillion wardrobe changes!

Yesterday, we had Miss B over and it turned into a sleepover! The first of what I hope will be many.. and it went so well! Of course, the girls had on matching Tinkerbell jammies (Keira's was a gift from Miss B), 'read' a Princess book together and then.. slept! I guess after 2 big days, they were pooped out. I didn't hear a peep from them until they woke up this morning. After pancakes for breakfast, we headed out to the park for a quick playtime and then Miss B had to go home to make it for an afternoon birthday party. Ah.. Keira was so sad she was going.

Uh yeah, a single seat chariot is a super tight squeeze!

Tomorrow Keira starts her summer day camp and it'll be one whole week before she and Miss B will see each other again til Miss B starts the same day camp. You know what they say.. absence makes the heart grow fonder! And less bored with each other. heehee!

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joyce said...

Sounds so fun! Do you think Keira would be okay at her friend's house for a sleepover? Cuz imagine your freedom...a whole night off!!!