June 8, 2010

pic nic supper at the park

"The hills are alive!!! with the sound of music.."

All smiles at the park.. 

Dessert, she loves Aero! And these singles are great..

Well, it's day 6 at my new job and how's it going? Okay. At times, like untangling a big ball of yarn. You know, first 3 days is filled with anxiety, learning their way of doing things, finding out some things that were unexpected etc. But my mornings and evenings.. wow. What. A. Change.

The only reason why I need Keira to hurry up and leave before 8am each morning is because.. it's crunch time at her school. The doors close at 8am (sharp!) and parents are no longer welcome within the inner sanctum of the school. There are no exceptions to that rule. Also, the parking lot is a jumble of double-parked cars, kids and parents with book bags all scurrying towards the door, cars trying to get out.. basically.. a nightmare! It once took me over 10 minutes in my car just trying to get out. Once you're jammed, you're jammed!

I've been able to leave work by 5pm, pick Keira up from school and get home by 5:25-ish (with some traffic). Dinner on the table by 5:40! Three weeks ago, I'd have already spent about an hour or more trying to pick Keira up by 5:35-45 (sweating, tired & annoyed).

Big enough for the big kid's part of the park!

Check her out! All by herself cuz 'she's strong now'. 

Her new bike helmet! Did we think the helmet we bought her 3 years ago would still fit this year? Um, yes, until Miss K repeatedly told us it was too small. And wouldn't you know it? Twas.

So today, I decided to have a picnic supper at the park. Mr C has Tuesdays "off", so it was just me and the Keiks. I packed up some sandwiches, crackers, bottle of water (this is really her preferred choice of beverage!) and dessert and we headed out to the park on the bike. It felt great! Keira ate her entire meal! Wow. She hasn't eaten her entire supper in quite a while. She played, she climbed, she ate, she ate some more, she played some more, we checked out the geese in the water & played tag (I'm always "it"). Then we came home & I listened to her whine, cry, scream that she wasn't tired (but hey, anyone who's a mom out there knows the classic tired/meltdown symptoms), whined that her hair didn't need washing, shouted that her Barbie needed to be dry after the bath, shouted that she needed me to read her a story, brought me to the window and shouted that it was still daytime and after a big gulp of water.. conked out in her bed. Amen to a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chantal,
What a great idea...hope it wasn't too cool this afternoon for your picnic. It was freezing on our island. Love the pics. See you soon.

Love, C+

KLT said...

So nice that you are able to have a picnic supper now! Sounds like you guys had fun and I am sure that Miss K is so glad to have you around more. Particularly if you are "it" all of the time. :) Cheers to a good day, your new job, and your cool new helmets.

Sandy a la Mode said...

looks like you have fun!! the sun flare shots are soo cool!! =)

shari @ little blue deer said...

She is adorable! Glad things are going well on your new job, that can be so stressful! I'm so happy you stopped by Little Blue Deer so I could find you, happy to be your newest follower!