June 25, 2010


This is my kind of people! Sayer & Keira would be a disco dancing match in heaven!

Here's the thing I love about the internet: You get to meet so many fantastic people online from around the world!

Now, I love kids stuff. Toys, clothing, accessories, design. If it's kid-related, I just love it. It's about the only thing that really piques my interest at the moment.
KLTworks incredible plushies and mobiles. Check out the incredible fabric choices & colours!

I'm sure you've heard or seen KLTworks handmade mobiles, plush toys, bags and tees. You might not know the name but you've probably seen the products. They're gorgeous and all handmade! It was what caught my eye and I am so happy to have been able to converse with Kristin via facebook and twitter. Kristin is the proprietor/artist/creator of KLTworks! She's so personable and warm and I'm in awe of her creative talents. She also writes and curates her blog which is fabulous! I must admit, I eagerly await her Fabric Fridays and Music Mondays. I love her choices and I love knowing that with each post, my brain might explode. She's just creatively out there and real!

Check out the whimsical way she marries printed fabrics to each character!

Occasionally, Kristin will choose a fabric that makes me go, 'what was she thinking??' until I see how she marries it with other fabrics to create her one of kind works of wonder. That's where the genius happens. She's able to see past the single and onto the whole.

I get inspired by Kristen every single week. I hope now, you do too!

You can peruse her website here: www.kltworks.com
and purchase her one of a kind goodies here: KLTworks on etsy
and enjoy reading her blog here: http://kltworks.blogspot.com/

All photo credits: KLTworks, Kristin L. Theiss


Layers and Layers said...

Really nice post about Kristin & her business! There is definitely a lot to inspire amongst her treasures!

KLT said...

Wow! I am somewhat at a loss for words. I am not sure how to tell you how much this post means to me. I am just really grateful for this crazy world wide web, twitter, facebook, and for our paths crossing. I hope you realize that you inspire me every week too! Thanks, I have a really big smile right now & did a little happy dance in your honor.

joyce said...

I LOVE that mobile! I normally am drawn to girly things that I wouldn't be able to use in my boys rooms...but that mobile is gorgeous and totally unisex! YAY!

Daria said...

"I get inspired by Kristin every single week."

I can absolutely quote that! And even more - I get inspired by her every single day! I'm so happy we met in cyberspace - she's wonderful, fun, warm and super-talented! And I always look forward to read her fabric and music posts :)
So nice to see her talents and personality are widely appreciated!