May 15, 2010

we want miles! @mmofa

The double butts at MMoFA

After Keira's school concert, we decided to take her to see the We Want Miles exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Get some culture into this kid! Put some jazz into her moves!

Mr C loved the history part of the exhibit, I loved all the album covers & paintings, especially ones by Jean-Michel Basquiat. I wasn't allowed to take pictures in the exhibit but here's one painting I especially loved..

"Horn Players" - Jean-Michel Basquiat

Keira loved the little rooms painted and illuminated by different colours for different albums. There was a red room, orange, blue, pink, green... Halfway through though, Keira had had enough. She wanted out. The black walls, the pops of colour plus music playing everywhere was attacking her senses. She's had this overloading of senses ever since she was a colicky baby. It's why she never wants to go to a movie theatre. Too much sound, too much visual.

So we quickly made our way to the last part of the exhibit, lingered & bought some stuff at the shop and waited for Mr C to make his way out. I also got to see the Inspiria exhibit which was incredible! Jewellery made by Boucheron inspired by Cirque du Soleil! Gorgeous.. Once we get our basement finished and invest in some surround sound, we'll definitely get Miles Davis on disc and watch. Jazz fest in our basement? Foh sho!

Keira doing her best Miles homage..


Memories.. this was where Mr C & I held our wedding reception..

A skippety-skoppety-doo


kribss said...

looks like a great time! love her playing her tiny trumpet :)

Susan Yuen said...

LOL, I love the pics with her and the trumpet! WHat a cutie! :)

joyce said...

Looks like such a fun day!

Chantale said...

Yes, it was fun! And it's great to go to the museum and realize kids under 12 go in Free! lol. Of course, you have to make up for it at the shop..

Audrey said...

You guys do the coolest things with Keira.

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas said...

I love this last photos with Keira and the Paul Gauguin quote mousse. How precious!