May 3, 2010

sick monday

Monday. Stayed home. Keira had a slight fever this morning and was coughing. Slight bug in the system.

Decided to stay home with her as Mr C had a week's vacation last week and had to go in today. Was very weird today.. She was full of energy one minute and then was totally drained the next. She'd turn on the tv, dance to Imagination Movers and then suddenly turn the telly off and head into bed to rest. Very very strange.

She made me cuddle up with her under the covers today. I cannot lie, I loved it! She's such a snuggle bunny.

Hi energy today segued right into..

...her low energy. Very strange day..


Jisoo said...

sorry she had such low energy day but she looks absolutely gorgeous in her little outfit

Lia Chen said...

She still so adorable although she was sick ... Hope she will get better soon. You, take care too!

kribss said...

hope your little peanut is feeling better! totally digging her strawberry hat :)

Chantale said...

Thanks ladies! I think I caught what she has. A cold. Hope we can both fight it off fast. Keira is back to school today, no choice. We both have to go to work. : (
But I got a HUGE hug from her this morning before I left for work. I feel all mushy inside.. : )

joyce said...

Oh no...between your allergies AND a cold your nose is going to fall off!

Susan Yuen said...

Hope she gets well soon and that you all stay healthy too! Chantale you always take such great pics!