May 9, 2010

fab saturday

Mom and my sis

The three amigos

Proudly showing off his missing tooth!

Mother's Day weekend turned out to be really great this year. Despite still feeling like crap from a cold plus all the rain and snow, it's still awesome. My mom looks amazing!! I think they took her off a med or something because she was looking really great yesterday.

We went to our favourite restaurant in chinatown for lunch yesterday and the meal was superb! The restaurant moved location and it's bigger and nicer. There's also 3 fish tanks that kept the kids amused. Especially the turtle that was in one of them. We had an excellent waiter as he kept the kids just as amused and we were so grateful he was so patient with them.

Lots of fresh fruits!

Afterwards, off to get groceries and steamed pork buns! Keira decided she wanted to go to her cousins' house and ride in their car. Lucky for us, my sis has 3 car seats so we dropped off our mom back to her place and were about to head to my sister's when she called me on my cell and told us to have an afternoon off. Woot woot! That was the best gift ever!

So Mr C and I headed downtown. We were hoping to catch Iron Man 2 but missed the 1:20 and thought the 3pm showtime was too late. So we walked around and shopped!

Tons of Bixi bike stations popping up all over town

Dancing the night away!

Caleb rocker!

Anyways, we stayed for supper at my sister's and of course, were treated to yet another amazing meal from her. Were we spoiled or what?! The best of the evening though had to be, hands down, the kids boogeying to disco music in the basement. It was HI-LARIOUS! I took alot of videos but here's one of them. Just enjoy..

Basement Boogy from ChantaleP on Vimeo.


susanyuen said...

Happy Mother's Day Chantale! Your daughter has got the coolest moves!!! LOL, Ninja boy's got it going on with his blade action too. :)

joyce said...

Oh my god, your commentary made that video even more hilarious! Loved it. So so funny. Chris' boys are so BOYISH! Is that what my life is going to look like in a couple of years? Dancing with swords?!? Thanks for sharing that...I needed a laugh!

joyce said...

P.S. Your Mom looks AMAZING! She looks healthy and happy. So good to see.

Chantale said...

Thx Joyce. I think the doc took my mom off some meds. Not sure. But I think it's working! Hahaha! and YES! Your boys will end up dancing like that, man, I couldn't stop laughing that night. Keira with her weird 'vogue' like poses, Caleb throwing things around bored and Adam doing his ninja moves. lol!

Audrey said...

That video totally made my morning. So so funny. Love the vogue sliding moves and the ninja moves. haha

I agree, your mom looks fantastic.

Your sister is pretty fantastic too. Letting you have an afternoon with your hubby and making dinner. Sweet!