May 15, 2010

early am concert

She's no longer the smallest kid in the class.. it's great to be average!

Choked on a few words but had all the moves down pat! Atta girl..

Hmm, why is Keira surrounded by boys?!

It's Saturday and we had to wake up early like a regular work/school day. Why? Because it was Keira's concert today! And it was an early curtain call. 8:15 am. But curtain call was pushed about 15-20 minutes as a certain Québec 'celebrity' mom & dad were late. Ahem.

Anyways, I love it when the kids walk into the gymnasium looking around for family, nervous/excited/scared. They're all so incredibly cuyute! This year they decided to put the kids on stage which freaked some of them out (Keira included). Last year's concert she was all relaxed, this year.. she looked like a wooden puppet. In fact, during last night's evening walk, Keira ran the last leg home and of course, fell and scraped her knee. Before falling asleep she whispered to me, "maaam, I can't go on stage.. I hurt my knee! I won't be able to even walk!". Ok, she was scared. lol.

Wasn't that brooch made for me?? I guess not..

BFF! I think Keira needs a ladder to get to Miss B's height.

She did fine. Choked on some words of certain songs but fine. All the moms got beautiful single Gerbera flowers and a hand-made little brooch. But guess who got to wear the brooches? The girls!

"We did a great job together!"

Keira and her bff Miss B were miles apart on the stage but as soon as the concert was over, they found each other and were off to the classroom. My brilliant Mr C had the idea to take a picture of the girls with their teacher. Seriously, turned out to be a great one! Was it any surprise to us that the girls actually sit side by side each other in class? Apparently, they are known as the 'Inséparables'. The Inseparables because they really are that. So cute..


kribss said...

wowza! thats early and on a saturday?! she looks like a little miss cutie pie!

jules @ lovely las vegas said...

What a great concert series (of photos)! Keira and her friend B are really cute together.