May 2, 2010

best friend sunday

Keira's bestest of best friend Miss B came over today. Keira was waiting for her at the playroom window and everytime a car passed by, she'd get excited thinking it was her.

Miss B brought over her Best of V1 Michael Jackson cd and it cracked me up watching these two trying to sing and dance along.. Here are some pics of the day. Am so glad it's winding down now...

Waiting for Miss B

Kiki dancing to MJ

Best friends!

These two crack me up!

Off to the parks

Ahoy there!

Tons of silliness today

Surfer Girls


joyce said...

they look like true bff's. lucky to have each other!

Lia Chen said...

So much fun with her best friend ... they are in pink sunglasses, super cute!!

kribss said...

i love seeing girls/bff's hold hands, so natural and so dang cute!

Audrey said...

They are both super cute. Looks like there was lots of giggles all day.