April 4, 2010

sunday brunch with family

Nice paintings in the restaurant.. reminding us of what we're eating..

Has great brunch!

Keira and our cousins

Super cutie #1!

Super cutie #2!

The cousins.. I don't know what they feed their girls but they're really tall!

Hand in hand, two by two.. 

They always get over their shyness when it's time to go..

Happy Easter everyone! What did you do today? 

We met up with our cousins who came up from the States to visit my mom who's still in the hospital. It was a short visit so they decided to stay in a hotel in the city. We met up today for brunch in Old Montréal and it was great to see them again. The only sad part was.. after spending the entire meal with the girls stealing shy glances at each other, they finally opened up to each other when it was time to go! Isn't that always the case? If only we had a bit more time with each other, however, they wanted to get back on the road for the long drive back home. Not to worry, we're planning on making a stop in NYC this summer and hopefully, the girls will have way more time to play together.

Afterwards, we brought an Easter bouquet to my mom. Happy news! She's getting out next week. Yay!
Keira and her Halmoni, a stare-down or deep in conversation? 


Audrey said...

That is great news about your mom! She looks great. Nothing better than a visit from Keira!

Also, must say that the food looks delicious!

Evelyn said...

It looks like you had one very happy Easter! I agree -- that brunch looks awesome and I appreciate the artistic sentiment the cow art makes lol!

So happy to hear about your mom! What a great weekend :)

joyce said...

you mom looks so good! wonderful news that she's getting discharged!

and that brunch looks mouth-watering. i'll have to make a trip.

happy easter!

kribss said...

thats awesome news about your mom + your trip to NYC! happy to hear your brunch was delish too.