April 25, 2010

reno weekend

Underneath this Quatchi lump lies Keira..

Hope you're all enjoying a great weekend! We are day 2 into finishing up our basement. Basically, Mr C and his friends took a few months hiatus from basement reno during winter and now.. they are back at it. All we need to do is put in doors to cover the hideous gaz/heating/water heater/air exchanger area downstairs, I wanted a door put in at the entrance leading to the basement (extra noise filter for when Mr C puts in his man-cave tv and the noise when we use our treadmill) and moldings put in. Then it's a matter of paint and adding furnishings. The furnishings part might have to wait awhile until we replenish our budget!

Anyways, I got a cute little message written up in Keira's school agenda book from her teacher. Now, this teacher almost never writes anything but when she does, it's usually an observation of some kind. Here's what she wrote (english translation to follow):

"Keira joue beaucoup avec Mlle B. Toutes les deux sont inséparables pendant les périodes de jeux. Elles s'entendent bien et ne se chicanent pas. Bravo Keira! Belle semaine..."
"Keira plays alot with Miss B. Both of them are inseperable during play time. They play well together and never argue. Bravo Keira! Good week..."

When I read that to Keira out loud, she was so happy and pleased with herself. haha! So this weekend, I tried to have Miss B over but sadly, she was with her daddy and couldn't be here. Keira was so morose and I have to admit, slightly depressed not to have her best friend to play with. I tried to bring her outside, tried to bring her to the park, brought all her favourite snacks but she just moped around and wanted to come back home. She was also expressing her sadness by being extremely difficult to be with. Ahem. 

When the boys came home with their goodies (i.e. reno stuff), I headed out to Ikea by myself (she didn't even want to go there!) and did my shopping. When I got home, she was already in bed taking a nap.

What? Popcorn? Oh.. ohhhkay.. I'll wake up

After all that popcorn, juice and spaghetti, she looked super forward to her ice cream! Especially the mini m&m's.. Yum!

Later on, we all went out for supper to the local sport restaurant and bar. We basically had to order her out of the house and into the car for all her whining and complaining. I ended up having to place 2 chairs together so she could lie down and 'sleep' (Keira complained it was "too loud" in the restaurant). lol. Personally, I think she was really dehydrated yesterday.. probably contributed to her being so tired.

When the food came, she perked up and starting sucking up her juice. Then ate her popcorn (you get free popcorn at this place) and spaghetti in bits and spurts throughout our meal. By the end, she was finally out of the dumps and happy. Glad her day ended better than it started!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chantal,

Can't wait to see the photos of your basement....am alone this week with the boys. Jimmy is in France enjoying French wine, French food and French women. By the weather, the south of France will be sunny and warm this coming week.