April 2, 2010

let the weekend begin!

Ah! Spring!!

Made her put a shirt on.. sheesh.

Still watering..

Just needs a little push and away she goes! Sniff.. my baby no longer needs me to swing.

Today was a hard day to go into work. First, forgot that it was a holiday bus/metro schedule so everything was s l o w. Had to park my car at the metro parking (hate paying for that). Then I got to work and realized, I was the only one who didn't take today off for an even longer holiday weekend. Although, that's ok since it worked out for us as Keira had today and Monday off.

Mr C called me with updates throughout the day.. I must admit, I love hearing Keira's voice over the phone (not that she even talks to me! I think she hates the phone more than I do) because it is the cutest ever! One of the updates was: Keira was in her bikini top, no bottom, outside sunbathing and making her Papa wait on her hand & foot. haha! She had it down pat.

I came home to.. Keira in just her skivvies running around the backyard. Mr C then went to get our glutton supper at Monsieur Patate (it's basically just a hotdog/fries shack) but once he got back, Keira decided she wanted to go to her room and sleep. Too bad cuz I wanted to take her out for some ice cream this evening. This is 2 nights in a row she's been sleeping from 6:30 til late morning! Dunno, warm weather must be tiring her out. On to the weekend!

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kribss said...

geez- you let your kid run around half naked?! kaylee would love to be in your house!! {i hate the phone too}

happy weekend!