April 11, 2010

sunny weekend

2 Fairies, Silvermist and Tinkerbell

Don't let those innocent faces fool you. They look light and small but they stomp around like elephants!

Breakfast of champions (or elephants)

I had to add this. This is her home uniform of choice. Yes, boy briefs and I iron on whatever she wants. This one is Tinkerbell. 

It's been a busy weekend. First, a playdate with Miss B Saturday morning and afternoon. She is seriously a joy to have around! I can literally just disappear and the girls play together. I just pop in from time to time to make sure they're not up to anything mischievous. Like last time. Things got a little too quiet and then.. all I heard were 2 girls giggling madly. The scene? The bathroom. The deed? They had opened up the bubble bath bottle and were 'cleaning' the counter and every other surface with it. Soupy soapy liquid was dripping EVERWHERE. I then ordered them to Keira's bedroom where after a few minutes, more giggling ensued.. They were doodling in pen all over her walls! No, boys are not the only ones who get into these things.

So.. a fun playdate (minus anything nutty) ended with alot of crying on Miss B's part. She didn't want to leave. Always a good sign in my opinion.

Then directly off to my sister's place to babysit my nephews. Keira joined me. Mr C didn't. That was also uneventful. Only thing.. didn't realize my nephew Caleb is a super early bird no matter how late he sleeps! I woke up to the sounds of 3 stompin' and loud kids. I just wanted to disappear into the couch I was sleeping on.
She ate more sauce than anything else. Direct from the can.

Pizza à la mortadelle et pepperoni

Laisse-moi maman! J'suis capable un 'tit peu ! Bon, ben vas-y.

Finally back home and enjoying the sunshine! Keira decided she wanted to make pizza. Pepperoni with mortadella pizza. Looked delish!
Drawer full of stuff. I'm almost afraid each time I pull it open what I'll find...

The mouse named "Flower". This bought at Ikea Friday night because he needed a home. His twin is with Miss B. My name is not Maman, it's "suckah".

Please don't make me go back to the cave office, pretty please with cherry on top...


kribss said...

totally digging little k's home of choice outfit! if i didnt have a teenage boy with friends who drop by unannounced i would so be in one of those!!

and i hear ya sista- not looking forward to monday morning!

joyce said...

brave of you to babysit all those monkeys!

I think I bought Sophia 3 of those Ikea mice and Audrey didn't like them because of their tails!

Chantale said...

Kribss: Soooo hard today. : ( Plus, some bad management happening.
Joyce: I like the way Keira picked up the mouse at Ikea.. casually walking by wire bin and picking up 2 saying, 'this one needs a home, is for me, and he needs a friend. So it's for B". Then shoved both in my Ikea shopping bag and walked away. Uh, ok. haha!