March 7, 2010

time capsule

Starting my list for the time capsule. Keira draws anywhere she can.. even in my moleskin.
So, on top of everything else going on.. I've decided to create a time capsule for Keira. Olympic year, being 5 years old, all sassy and fun.. I'd like to preserve it for her to open up later in life. I've started a list. I just need to complete it now!
The youtube generation. Watching Coeur de Pirate..


kribss said...

i had to get kaylee her own sketchbook so she would quit drawing on all my stuff :O) and our youtube gets lots of taylor swift and miley cyrus and selena gomez!

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas said...

Awesome idea about the time capsule! I would have loved to see what things would have been in there for my 5th year... maybe lots of Care Bear stuff and the Smurfs : ).

joyce said...

such a fun idea!

p.s. how's your mom?

Audrey said...

Hi Chantal, Wow you posted so much was fun to read what is happening over in your world. That is so great that your hubby spent Spring Break with Keira. And not just at home but he actually had plans?!!! Wow.
Love Keira's room, her clothes and her style. Love her closet full of princess dresses. Disney princess on ice looks so fun but they are not coming out this way. Too bad.
Glad you are feeling better now. And thank you for posting those amazing pics of downtown Montreal. I miss it SO SO much.
Have a great week.

Eve said...

Thanks for the comment love! I'm glad you liked those patterns as much as I do. Don't they just make you wish you had time to do nothing but sew up darling little aprons? :)

Love your blog and can't wait to follow -- and the time capsule idea is awesome. What else are you putting in it?

Chantale said...

Thanks everyone for your comments! I'm so excited about the time capsule..just wish I had more time to devote to it. I am thinking of creating a family tree in it. Merge Keira's 3 heritage: irish/french/korean. Hoping to get alot of old photos for this!