March 12, 2010

swell dwell studio

I love these small details like the hippo tag! So does Keira as I am no longer allowed to touch it. 

I never know what I find in her bed in the mornings. At night, she sometimes wakes up on her own and either flushes her toys to the floor or adds them to her bed to sleep with during the night. I only found Rosie under there..

I made an impulse purchase this week. My busiest, craziest, wackiest week ever at work and at lunch I like to head out and walk. Just to get away. My coworker found out and now comes with me on my walks. Which is great!

So this week, while out walking with my coworker at the Old Port we went to check out Le Baldaquin. It's a lovely little shop, full of textiles, bedding and home accessories. There were so many lovely goodies there! And in the back, I spied the cutest kids bathrobes & baby accessories. I ended up getting this Dwell Studio hooded towel for Keira (it's the Gio Lemon one). For my sister and I, these hooded towels end up serving 3 purposes: for bath time (what they were intended for in the first place), as a doudou when our kids get sick and/or sleep at nights and as superhero capes!

Picking out our favourite animals this morning.

Keira loves the animal shapes. We were picking out our favourite animals this morning and as I picked out the squirrel she said, "les animaux en gris sont pour les garçons seulement" (translation: the grey animals are for boys only). So there. Her favourite animal on the print? Why.. the hippo! So the next time both her cousins and Alex come over.. they will ALL have a hooded 'cape' to play with and for bath time!

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kribss said...

i love the added hippo in their packaging, so cute! and thats a BIG towel!