March 14, 2010

easy bath times

Little Miss as top modèle.

Fits around the head above her ears.

Our treasured baby/kiddie shower cap

Here is something I wanted to share with all the moms and dads out there. There are some kids who couldn't care less if water was poured over their heads and who just love being in and around water. My two nephews are those types. Shower? Bring it on! Heads under water? Sure! Shampoo and water in their eyes? No problemo.

Sadly, Keira is not that type. She will never venture to put her head in water and if it happens, it was probably a mistake. Even in swim class.

When it comes time to wash her hair, it's always a big drama. She won't lean backwards, she needs a towel to cover her face and I have no choice but to pour water over her head and into her face. It's insane the amount of drama we get. When I was younger, I had a baby sitter who was japanese and I remembered she had this foamy plastic thing for her son's head when it came time to wash his hair. It was like a shower cap for his head. The water would pour around him and not get in his eyes or ears.

I searched alot of baby/kids stores to no avail, searched online and eventually found it. In Japan. Duh. But thanks to my wonderful friend Sayuri in Tokyo, she was able to buy the baby shower cap for me. She bought it at the big japanese baby/kid store Akachan (Sorry the site is in japanese only). You can even find it on Ebay.

You cannot believe the huge difference this has made for us. Keira keeps on playing and I just wash her hair. No fuss no crying. If you've got a kid like mine, try it! It makes for a really easy bath time. One thing though, I'm not sure what sizes these shower caps come in. We're lucky that this baby one still fits Keira as she has a petite head.


kribss said...

your so much nicer than me, i tell kaylee to suck it up! just kidding! sort of. i am very careful when washing her hair to not get any shampoo in her eyes. she's gotten about water.

Chantale said...

@kribss: lol. I know I'm crazy right? I've tried all kinds of ways to make it easier for her (and us!) when we wash her hair but this is truly our magical piece. And when I say Keira's head is petite, it is! This shower cap was bought when she was about a year old. : )

kribss said...

anything that keeps the peace is a good thing! and yes, she does have a small noggin!

Audrey said...

Sophia HATES the bath and shower now for that exact reason. Because she doesn't want to get her hair washed. I'll have to search around for one of those things.

Chantale said...

Oh I wish I had an extra for you! Let me know if you find it.. if not, I will get my friend to buy one for you..

joyce said...

i love this idea!!! hudson just recently started leaning his head back to let us rinse the shampoo...but we still have to be diligent that no water gets in his eyes.

can't believe that an invention this good isn't available in canada.