March 25, 2010

beethoven anyone?

Came home late today because I dropped Keira off to school this morning. Mr C had an appointment with the dentist for a root canal. Yep, ouch. Mornings are not good for the Keikster. She just hates going to school yet she has a great time with her friends and in class. This morning, we were super late because little miss wanted to change undies, whined that her stockings were falling down, her dress felt funny, her hair wasn't right. Had to redo her hair a couple of times because she asked for the side-swept single pony tail. But I didn't get it quite right the first couple of times as it wasn't on the side enough. Tschuh.

Tonight, I found Keira on the quiet side. Very contemplative. Only got an excited response out of her when I asked about school and she talked excitedly about Beethoven and Mozart (learning about the 5 senses and I guess they're on to music & hearing). She made me youtube Beethoven, we watched a bit of Amadeus too (not all of it cuz it gets pretty raunchy). She thought Mozart was 'cute'! And especially loved the hysterical laughing.

She also made me print out pictures of Beethoven and Mozart. I also found her humming this: da da da DAH! 5th Symphony anyone?


Audrey said...

haha. That's too funny about the specific hairstyle that she wants and you having to perfect it. The girl knows what she wants. Awesome.

I love youtube too. It's there for everything you need.

joyce said...

Amazing that she wanted you to youtube classical music. I just had to youtube the Chipmunks/Chipettes.

Chantale said...

She can only take youtube for a few songs. Then it bugs her! lol. She's learning about these composers in her class.. it segues into the 5 senses.. hearing, touch, smell etc. Wonder what's going to happen when they get to the 'smell' part?? yikes. We're going to go into 'pangoo' overdrive!