February 20, 2010

mini road trip

We went for a little road trip today. Mr C had to visit some stores for business and he took us along for the ride. Whippee!  First stop, Target. Now, many Americans can't understand why alot of Canucks go wild for this store. Seriously, it's a design-oriented Wal-Mart, non? In fact, I used to design bedding and packaging for Target stores. It is a seriously hard store to get your products into. In any case, there is no Target to be found in our province. Hence the Target mania.

In any case, it's been a while since I set foot in Target. Well, since 2 summers ago in California. I wanted 2 things specifically: this Dwell Studio Marrakesh coverlet for our guest room and/or this Dwell Studio for kids Bird in Tree bedding for Keira's room. Both of which weren't available at that particular Target store. There were 2 other choices I was going to go for.. but I just couldn't make up my mind. So I ended up with these:
I think these are old issues. I just love the fact that they're reversible! Lovely with my korean silk embroidered comforter my mom gave me.

I actually managed to buy myself a shirt! Wow. But the rest of my purchases were all for Keira. Specifically, I was looking for shorts/skorts for summer. Again, either I will have to buy 2 sizes too small for her and risk having them fit at the waist but being super short shorts or I'm going to have to start sewing and adjusting the ones I buy. Which I actually have to do. Thank goodness they're elastic waist band. Still, either I fatten this kid up or just get used to my sewing machine. I was also looking for sandals for her but of course, too wide. She really does have skinny feet! Just like me.
The spoils. Notice a theme going on? I have to adjust the waist on that skort. The shoes will probably never get worn.. knowing Keira she'll wear them for 2 seconds and then scream and pull them off saying they're too loose. If so, anyone want them? They're size 10's.
We also ended up at Applebee's. Now, when we walked in the restaurant there were alot of grumpy looking faces in there. After placing our order, I figured out why: everyone's orders were late! When Keira's mac n cheese finally came, man, she dug in and scarfed it down. Didn't even wait for it to cool off. Both Mr C and I had the sliders. Those mini burgers. Oh yum! My pulled pork slider was great! But who the heck can eat 3 of them?! And what up with the super sized drinks? I felt bad leaving half the plate and only drank about a quarter of my drink. And people, I was hungry! But Keira ate her entire plate. So... Applebee's should make kiddie sized plates for adults too.

Waiting is hard for a kid!

We ended up at Michael's and Borders as well. Let me tell you, it is dangerous to shop with the Keikster. Dangerous! She didn't whine, she didn't yell, she didn't have a fit nor did she drop to the floor with super tantrums... she just calmly tried to convince me why she wants or needs that or this item (although about 3 weeks ago, I didn't buy her something at Provigo and she did a super pout and almost had a fit). She is a smart little chicky. After having told her that I have no more money she said, "okay.... but how about Papa?"


kribss said...

glad you got to go on your trip! love the comforter set colors :O) and yep, knew she was a smart one!!

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas said...

Really cute finds! And, wow, what an insightful daughter! So smart to inquire about dad's wallet once mom's cash flow is through, hehe.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed yourselves. Too bad about Applebees, we always had great service at any of their restaurants. Love the things that you bought.


Audrey said...

Sounds like a fun and productive road trip. I've only gone to Target once in my life...can you believe it?!
Love the clothes and the bedding that you chose! Oh and I don't think that I've ever eaten at Applebees.

joyce said...

I have never been to Target OR Applebees. Are they both in Plattsburgh? Maybe we'll take a road trip too. Except who am I kidding...with a newborn I'll be lucky to get to the Champlain Mall.

Chantal said...

Joyce! haha! Aw man.. I gotta DM you and see when we could visit. Right now, I've got a stubborn cold but soon. I can't wait to see your newbie! Chris says Burlington's better. And it probably is. lol.
Jules: Isn't she? She really cracks us up!
Audrey: How's the Olympics over there? Are you guys okay?? What with all the pneumonias, colds etc?

D-lyn said...

What beautiful pillows!
And your girl is a super cutie!

come visit