February 19, 2010

life's what you make it

After two years, this tee we got at Laguna Beach finally fits!

Sad news folks. My camera died. The 'weighs a ton lugging around' camera. I have no idea what happened. It ran out of battery and I guess it just didn't want to live anymore. I popped over to Simon's Camera store today and asked them to get me an estimate on repairs. Yeah, ain't gonna see my camera for the next 2 - 4 weeks.

So I'm down to my original trusty Lumix. It's smaller and more compact. But I miss my Canon.

Is it just me or was this week just horrible? I think it was just me. Bar none the most awful week at work I've had this year. Can not believe how one person could make life at work a misery for just about everyone. 

In any case, I've caught yet another cold and am trying to destress for the weekend. Keira's school called me at work yesterday asking me to pick her up and take her home. Apparently, she was vomiting all over the place. Mr C had meetings all afternoon so I rushed home but took my external hard drive from work with me. No way I'm gonna take a half day off, was going to work from home. The only thing was.. while waiting for the metro train, I thought it would be better for the Mr to take Keira home and then wait for me as it only takes him 15 minutes to get home from car and as it wasn't rush hour.. would take me an hour and a half to get to my car at the bus depot parking lot. Murphy's law... my cell phone (which is a pay as you go crap) time expired even though I still had tons of minutes on it and I only had 40 cents on me as I forgot to get $ from the guichet. So I couldn't phone him. Grreat. 

Getting to my metro stop.. I ran to the Fido stand to fill up my minutes only... Fido wouldn't let me make a call to refill because my time had already expired! WTF!! I only had time to run to the Fido stand and back to my bus stop at the metro and lucky for me, it arrived. Otherwise, I'd have been there for an extra hour. 

So.. running, sweaty faced, I get to the school and I see... Keira sitting in front of the nurse's office dangling her legs, all smiles waiting for me. Ye-ah. She barfed cuz she coughed too hard after eating lunch. This was the panic?

All smiles with her goggles and bathing suit!
And here today... made sure to take it easy cuz.. life's too short right? After school, I let Keira make her 'specialty' meal for us (you know, mixing all kinds of spices and crap in a bowl) making a huge mess in the kitchen. Big deal. Mr C cleaned it all up afterwards. hehe! And for bathtime, ah.. bathtime turned into swim time! She had fun and at the end of the day and an awful week, that's all that matters to me.

Listening to french lullabye songs at the end of the day.. eerily enough, she knows which ones come after the other..


joyce said...

Our week was full of germs too. Hudson got really sick (a cold turned into a bacterial infection- suspected pneumonia). I got the cold, and tried (unsuccessfully) to not give it to Devin. Poor little thing now has a cough - spent the day at the Children's Hospital yesterday...everything is fine, but it's still heartbreaking hearing a newborn cough his lungs out.

kribss said...

that keira- one smart girl getting outta school early :O)

love the laguna beach tshirt! i use to live near there,now i am sad that i dont :O(

and sad- no mail today...i will probably have to go down to the post office now on monday.

Audrey said...

Hope you are feeling better and well rested. That work place sounds STRESSFUL. Good thing that you have Keira and Mr. C to come home to every night to keep the world in perspective, eh?

Keira....cool goggles! You are SO pretty!