February 3, 2010

5 things lately...

5 things Keira is hooked on this month & last..

1. Barbie and all the other Barbie character dolls she has (she has this exact model and dress-b-day gift)
2. Those freaking Littlest Pet Shop critters. Peer pressure has started people. Her friends got em, she wants it too. Argh.
3. McCain cakes... and how does she describe it to us? She draws a square with her finger in the air and says, "Le gateau carrrrrrrrrré". Heavy on the rrrrr's. Right.
4. She's been bringing home more and more of her drawings folded into a paper hat. Not sure if it's her or one of the monitors who folds them for her.
5. Mary Poppins! Or as Keira says, in her french accent: Mai-ree Puh-pins. 46 years and it still delights countless children.. mine included! She giggles whenever one of the penguins slaps the other. Outfit envy on Jane's clothes..


kribss said...

yeah, kaylee's been asking/begging for the barbie mermaid that comes with its own dolphin(?). i dont think she's seen mary poppins yet but mamma mia has been on a no stop rotation. {good thing i like the movie}

joyce said...

I love those cakes too...so yummy...can't wait for this baby to come out of the oven so my gestational diabetes can be OVER!!!

Chantal said...

I was thinking of renting Mamma Mia for Keira too! All that dancing. lol.
Joyce! Didn't know you had gd. Hang in there! Where you at these days?