September 27, 2009

tuesday mourning-a custom portrait

I came across an artist on Etsy that caught my eye. Her name is Tuesday Mourning (check her out here and here and here) and her illustrations and art are incredible! Perhaps you have already stumbled across her artwork without realizing it. She illustrates many children's books out there including: Princess Peepers by Pam Calvert, Suddenly Supernatural series by Elizabeth C Kimmel and so on.

I wanted to do something a bit special for Keira this year as she's hitting the big 5! A whole hand. I can't believe it. Something to add to our family history that I know she'll love and cherish today and years from now when she's older.

So I contacted Tuesday and realized getting a custom portrait done wasn't a far-fetched dream. I only wished I had videotaped Keira's reaction to her portrait when it arrived!

K: "Hey!! Das me!!" (huge smile)

If you're thinking of getting beautiful artwork for your home or as a gift, or getting a custom portrait done, head on over to Tuesday's etsy shop and convo her. You won't regret it!


joyce said...

that is so cool!!! LOVE it!

mer said...

Thanks Chantal! It's so great to see these pics. So happy she likes it.



Jules said...

lovely potrait! and such cute responses from keira : ).