August 26, 2009

running out of time

I felt so relaxed and refreshed when we got home from our road trip but... less than a week later, I'm rushed and feeling like anxiety is nipping at my heels. Wha? Who? Where?! Time is a killer, it just creeps up on you and BAM! Life is a whirlwind again.

There's stuff lying all over the house, laundry to do, dvd's to burn, photos to pick up from Wal-Mart, invoices from freelancing gigs I haven't gotten around to not just send out but.. figure out (i.e. hours/amounts etc), new school shoes to buy, etc. I even missed out on ordering new uniforms for Keira's school but luckily, I pulled out all last year's stuff and it still fits (she never likes to wear the pants anyways so why order them?). I did manage to order new socks online! That's something isn't it?!

This is not really me. I'm usually on top of things (or so I like to think).

So.. with all this stuff piling up what did I end up doing this evening? I took Keira out to the farthest park in the area (her on her old tricycle, me with water bottle in hand) and we walked/cycled there, played til it got chilly and dark and then headed to Grandma's place for a big hug and a hello. Yep, screw everything else! It's the last days of summer and by golly, we are going to enjoy it.

I have so much in my head, things I've planned to start but my priority these days seem to just enjoy being with hubby and the kid. After experiencing Vaughn's funeral last year, I can't help but to put my ambitions and other stuff on the backburner for now. I just want to really enjoy my family. It's been bugging me for so long now, I just want to let it all go and breathe. When I'm old and grey I don't want any regrets.

So, I'll get to the laundry, dvd's, and everything else tomorrow. Maybe.


joyce said...

You are absolutely right in your priorities. How are Vaughn's parents doing now?

P.S. I can't believe how all of a sudden the evenings feel chillier...Fall is right around the corner, eh?

P.P.S. How are your allergies?!? I'm suffering soooo badly!

Jules said...

Great philosophy... definitely family, fun, and doing what makes you happy are way more important than being organized and getting everything on your list checked off. Although, I must make the disclaimer that I am not very organized but would love to learn how because I spend too much time looking for things!

Enjoy the rest of these summer days! Take it easy and go happy.

Audrey said...

That is such a great attitude. There is always so much to do that I think it will never completely get done. So why not take a break and enjoy Keira. That's what is most important. Oh yeah, and maybe get on the invoicing next. The moolah wouldn't hurt. :)

Audrey said...

One more does your sister do it? You know...the organization and the home cooked meals AND working out. Amazing.