July 21, 2009


Keira enjoying the pool.

Hudson's mommy - Joyce (check out their blog here!)

The sisters who were stuck taking care of the rest of us... Susan & Chris

The lovely Romy

Keira + Hudson!

Last Saturday, Keira and I went to see the Ahn clan. Well, minus a couple of family members but we got to see my childhood friends and it was great! Very strange to see our kids play together while we talked the afternoon away. Hey, that used to be us! Finally got to see their kids in person, not on a blog site. Hmm... they haven't changed a bit! Lovely lunch, a bit of a swim for Keira et le tour était joué. Thanks to the lovely Romy who babysat for us...


joyce said...

Wasn't it fun?!?

Let's do it again before I move to Nunavut.

Chantal said...

haha!! Or Yellow Knife!

Susan said...

Oui, encore!
So what should I ask Christian to make us next time... (I didn't really give him much notice; I only told him Friday night that you ladies were dropping by...)
Keira is too cute!
Thanks again, Romy! xoxoxo