June 21, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

Finally got my new computer up and running. Takes a couple of days when you've got a kid or 2 around. Father's Day weekend started with a big feast yesterday with my moms and dad. We really had a great barbeque dinner. I don't know what the kids ate but boy, were they ever hyper!

I think if my dad were still alive today, he'd burst with pride with all his grandkids around. Of course, my dad was a real old style korean so...having 4 grandchildren who are boys... When he was alive though, he couldn't stop spoiling the girls either!

Let's see, 10 things that make my hubby an extra-special dad:
1. His ability to stay calm (very useful when Keira had colic & would scream for hours, in his arms!).
2. His sense of humour. He acts all goofy for Keira and makes her laugh her head off. Then she acts just like him. Oi.
3. His motto is: Just have fun. Why waste time cleaning up when you could be having fun?
4. He never ever complains or needs "his time" when he comes home. If Keira wants him to play "tea time" with her, he's up there in the playroom, pinky finger up and sipping warm water.
5. When there are ped days and no service de garde, he takes those days off from work (no questions asked) and then plans an itinerary of their days. Cool!
6. He makes her spaghetti just right!
7. He gives her "elephant" rides on his back (and he's pretty much the right height to do so!).
8. He brings her a special teddy with whatever city/place embroidered on it's belly when he returns home from a business trip. She loves that part!
9. Keira knows daddy will buy & let her eat her chocolat avec le caramel BEFORE lunch/dinner.
10. Keira calls for only daddy during the nights and he ALWAYS goes! He feels special she asks only for him during the nights. Hurray for me!

(just a bunch of random pics)


joyce said...

Nice! Goni Uma and Upa! I haven't seen them in forever! Looked like a fun time!

And your husband sounds like a great dad.

unha said...

happy father's day! i guess canada has the same day?

thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.

you have a lovely family!


Audrey said...

Your hubby sounds awesome. Love that he plays tea party and especially #3 - having fun instead of cleaning up.

Love the pictures you posted. I haven't seen Goni Uma and Upa for a long time either. They look great. You all do.

Chantal said...

It was a "white" bbq. My mom and Ray's mom tried to make something asian. hehe. I should've gone to the korean grocery but didn't have time.. Next year..soju!