July 26, 2008

Outta th'mouths of babes..

1. While driving to the mall, hubby stops at yellow/red light....
Keira: "Papa! oooh, was our turn!"
hubby: "quoi? our turn?"
Keira: "yes, green light"
hubby: "oh"
Keira: "you missed it!" all indignant.

2. Snuggling in bed together:
Keira: "mama, you peanut butter, I jam"
me: "how about papa?"
Keira: "he bread"

3. It's late, it's after a rain storm and Keira is itching to get back to the park:
Keira: "mama, let's go to da park!"
me: "nah, everything's still wet outside, we need to wait til tomorrow, let it all dry"
Keira thinking: "we bring kleenex!" (adds wiping motion with hands).

4. me: "hey Keira, what colour's your t-shirt?"
Keira :"gween....I baby concombre!" looking at my blue t-shirt, "you blueberry". then looks at dad's yellow shirt, "papa banana".


joyce said...

i love all of those! where did she get the "peanut butter and jam" thing? LOVE it.

and love the color of her eyes by the way.

Susan said...

Keira is an absolute Hoot! How does she react around crazy boys? Maybe we can arrange a play date with my gang... I can't promise you that I'll return a normal Keira afterwards though...