July 17, 2008

New fence!

We're finally getting our fence installed this week. Yay! Finally, I'll be able to let Keira play in the yard and also be able to step in the house or wash dishes and watch her play from the kitchen window. All of these kids are able to disappear in a blink of an eye and end up in the front of the house!

Keira does that all the time. I'll turn my head and whoosh! She's in the front yard with traffic. Scares me to death!

The fence company has already installed the posts. It's just a matter of finishing up and adding the chain link fence and front metal gates. I cant' wait!!!

update: Fence is installed! Whoopeee!!!

Photos to come...


joyce said...

now you can get a dog!

Chantal said...

no way, i'd feel too guilty leaving him/her home all by their lonesome. plus, keira gets super jealous when i even pet my babysitter's dog more than once. But Pebby is just so darn cute!