July 27, 2008

The New New Park

Now that we've bought the thingamabob for our Chariot and can hook it up to my bike, Keira and I can get to the other park that they've built. It's a neighborhood that's next to ours and I like the fact that there's not a crazy mob of kids at their new park. Maybe it's because most of the people who live in that neighborhood have humungous backyard swingsets and inground pools that keep their kids busy. lol.

In any case, it's our new summer hangout. Only bad part is....Keira loves to be surrounded by other kids! I need to find a weekend buddy for Keira. Then our summer is set!

1 comment:

joyce said...

LOVE that park! It looks totally unique from all the typical parks. And love that there's so much shade from the trees. The parks around here are all in the blazing sun, and I always leave earlier than planned because Hudson's skin looks like it's sizzling.