July 20, 2008

Lausanne's 1st Birthday

We went to celebrate my bro' (known him so long, my sister and I think of him as our brother) Ray's second daughter's 1st Birthday. In korean, a very important benchmark (and you don't get another til you're 60! lol). Her name's Lausanne and together with her older sister Ardenne, we had a great time.

Luckily, we were able to spend most of the party outside and the downpour didn't start til after we ate supper. I should have taken home the left-overs!

It's always so funny to watch these babies go for a) string b) money c) book etc. Everyone always gets a kick! She picked the string....

It was also funny to see Ardenne in her 1st birthday hambok, trying to keep her head-dress on her head (too small!) and trying to cross over her skirt to cover her legs when she sat because it was too short! Ohmygosh, was she ever cute!!

Once upon a time, it was the 5 of us kids always together with my sister at the helm: myself, Ray, Rai, Martin and Chris. Now..we get to watch our kids play together. Sadly, it doesn't happen as often as we're all skattered in location from Denver, to TO, to here.

The happy parents - Cath & Ray

Halbogi Ko with the birthday girl

RV Madness!

Ardenne & Keira dancing up a storm (with maracas!)

Ardenne, Caleb & Adam

Burn-out, after party....


joyce said...

Hey I recognize many of those Korean faces! Ray's mom looks exactly the same as I remember her.

Looks like a fun time! Makes me want to plan a family get together with all our cousins too!

Susan said...

Fun pics, Chantal! Isn't it crazy how we used to hang out when our parents got together for BBQ's and now we're the parents while our kids run around?!
So let's get something organized for us "youngsters"...

Chantal said...

I know! sigh...those carefree kid days are over. I spent most of the time running around, cleaning up after the kids etc. I used to BE the one running around, able to eat etc. lol

Audrey said...

I want to come meet all of you guys for a planned family get together too! Can you imagine how many kids would be there if we all got together?!! Crazy fun!