July 2, 2008

California 2008

Where to begin...

We're back from our west coast trip. A vacation our little family really needed! Our first real vacation together and flying on top of that. My biggest worry was security at the airports but we sailed through both times (YUL & LAX). Airline stewardesses and stewards are so kind when they see you with a kid! We had one host who paid extra attention to Keira going from Chicago to Mtl and he made all the difference on the ride. Thank you Cruz!

First day in Cali, my sister took us out to see Laguna beach, a short drive from her house in Newport. It's one of those gated community neighborhoods. Newport is gorgeous! Her home is lavish, we spent our week feeling pampered and living the life. lol.

Our humble little abode while we stayed in Cali....

Our guest rooms (yes 2 as Keira kicked me out of the bed the first night, how can a little girl take up that much space?!).

Laguna beach community, what can I say? I loved it there! I loved the little shops (my fave is Tuvalu-a home decor store), the restaurants, the beach..It gets really crowded though by mid-afternoon. We spent 3 evenings together there, Claude and I as my sister babysat for us and we got to spend time together. It's been so long since we actually went out on a date! My sister lent us her Porsche and off we went with the top down.

What did we visit in Cali? Everything for a little kid: Legoland with my sister's cousin and her daughter, my niece and her 2 sons. That place is THE PLACE for little boys! Amazing what you can do with little pieces of lego. Keira loved the lego-horse ride. She was also so happy to play with another girl, Lindsay. What a charmer! They hung out together that day and also on the big family dinner. Most of the rides are helicopters, cars and trains (all of which we did).

Then it was off to Disneyland! If you go, watch out. Marketing is targeted to the kids and almost all merchandise is displayed at kiddie eye-level. You can watch your savings go down the drain as you spend more time over there. We went to Disneyland at the right time as it wasn't high season yet. Keira was awed by Mickey, Minnie and Goofy! We only stayed at the park as Keira only wanted to see the characters and play in Toon Town. Hey, we were there for her so we did what she wanted. She also loved the Princess show.

My brother David spent a couple of days with us at my sister's place. He treated us to San Diego Zoo. Unfortunately, most of the animals were either hiding or sleeping as we hardly saw any of them at all! But the place is huge and not to be missed. Personally, I think the San Diego Sea World is a better choice.

Most evenings, we went out to eat in Irvine close by and as it's inhabited by a mostly asian population, lots to eat! We had amazing Vietnamese and Thai food there. sigh.... There's also a shopping centre there called The District. OMG, amazing with live shows outside (that Keira loved to dance to!), great shopping and great eating. Plus the palm trees!!!! I love palm trees. I didn't want to leave...but was forced to. lol.

Of course, we hit the beaches. Mainly Laguna and Huntington. Huntington is not my cup of tea. I think I even got sunburned there. Balboa bay is around there and IS my cup of tea. lol. LOVE the seaside shacks and homes. Very coastal.

Let's see, we also visited the Aquarium in Long Beach. Keira brought her Nemo plush and searched for him in the tanks. And when she finally saw it she screamed out, "I found him!!!! Look! He there!" until she saw all the other 'Nemo's' swimming in the same tank and said, "who all dat?" hahahaha! Made us all laugh. There were even a couple of 'Dory's' hangin' in there.

Sad to leave but good to be home. I just loved seeing my family there and meeting my little nephews (great nephews?) and them meeting Keira. Hopefully, we'll be back there soon. I am made for Cali living!

My niece, my sister, myself, Keira and Claude

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joyce said...

Loved all the pictures...and I don't mean to sound dumb...but how the hell do I not know you have another sister and brother besides Christina???