May 23, 2008

Well, it was bound to happen one day. I must admit, we've been pretty lucky in terms of Keira's health. Other than the common cold, the occasional bout of stomach flu and once, the flu....she's been good.

I noticed the other day, that she had some yellow discharge in her eyes. Of course, my hubby told me not to worry, was nothing. Uh-huh. Yesterday, Keira woke up with her eyes glued shut. Literally. They were both gummed up and it was horrible watching her trying to open her eyes and crying. Did you already guess what she has? Yep, conjuntivitis also known as..."pinkeye".

Didn't know if it was due to allergies, her cold or a virus, so I decided to head to our local CLSC. Wouldn't you know it? They turned us down, told us there wasn't a doctor in the building and that they only do blood tests etc. Told me I had to go to the next town. I decided to head to familiar streets in old 'hood. I headed to the CLSC beside the local hospital. After being stuck before the parking entry (it was busted) and heading towards the hospital entry parking, we were turned down yet again! They didn't have doctors in the building either! They only took in prélèvements (blood tests, radiology etc). This is the CLSC BESIDE THE HOSPITAL!!

I was going to head to the clinic at the metro station but the nice lady at the CLSC informed me that they had closed. Oohhhkay. She gave me a list of local clinics that might take us in that day.

Luckily (or maybe not), the next clinic we went to gave us hope. Took our card, info and then gave us a number (43) and told us to wait in the waiting room. Well ladies and gents, we got in at 9:20 am and finally got to see the doctor at 2:10 pm. If I'd have known it would take that long, I would have gone home and then back again. We had that much time! I had enough snacks and books to last for maybe, 2 hours. But 5?! I tell ya, for a kid it's hard. Did Keira surprise me? YES! This gal made me proud. Didn't whine, cry or pull a fit. If only I had a portable dvd player!!

We finally got to see the doc, took 2 minutes. Waited 5 hours for 2 minutes. Wow.

So...antibiotic eye drops for Keira for the next 7 days, 3 times a day. Like forcing a cat to bathe! We're home again today as the doc recommended waiting 24 hours before letting her go back to the caregiver's. I don't know how kids do it, but Keira's eyes have already cleared up. But the drops go in anyways. And the hand-washing, toy-cleaning, linen/clothes washing continues!

Our health system


joyce said...

that is sooooo ridiculous! i had the total opposite happen...i went to the clsc for a blood test, and they told me that they only do blood tests on certain days, and only from 8:30am to 10:30am! this was after i already fasted for the 12 previous hours!

anyway, on the bright side...keira'a already on the mend!

Audrey said...

That's so crazy. We don't have CLSCs here but it is so hard to get a family doctor. Ridiculous.

Glad to hear that Keira is starting to feel better. 5 hours waiting with a child is so much work. You must be exhausted too.