May 13, 2008

In the Night Garden

Okay, so besides the Cars craze, the Spiderman obsession (although don't think she'll watch Spiderman, the cartoon on tv. Too scared to watch it!), here is the latest obsession (along with the above): In the Night Garden.

What is up with these wacko characters that the brits come up with and children love? Boobah, Night Garden, Teletubbies...Keira loves them all!

Sadly (or maybe not), merch is hard to find on our shores. I've found some used dvd's but at 18.99, who are they kidding! I need to get a recorder...

Just to surprise Keira, I downloaded the wallpaper from the site, printed it on transfer paper and ironed on some images on old tees for her. Voila! Instant happiness!

Apparently, she's Upsy-Daisy, I'm IgglePiggle (or as she says it: piglepigle) and papa is Tombliboos (blutoms). Light on! I need to find a dvd for our upcoming trip! This'll definately keep her happy during the trip....gotta keep searching.


joyce said...

Rob and I can't stand those British weird shows...they totally seem like some guy was tripping out on drugs and came up with those crazy characters! We're scared that they are going to brainwash Hudson...with some secret alien message!

Audrey said...

Are you headed to California? Disneyland? What are your plans?