May 19, 2008

"Can I Start My Skewl?"

Ah yes! The first words out of Keira's mouth when she finally went and used the potty! "Can I start my skewl?". We've been telling her for months now that if she went pee in the potty, she gets to go to her new school. It's just a preschool/elementary school near our house that we've been bribing her with.

Months and months of trying to get her to use the potty, buying gifts that we put on top of the shelf in the bathroom to "motivate" her, getting her a Backyardigans little cushion/potty training thingy, showing her the Toys R Us catalogue and letting her choose what she "might get" if she uses the toilet, buying her Cars undies as well as Princess undies.... all to no avail. This girl is stubborn with a capital S!

We finally gave up, let her go in the nude during the weekends, wear her undies when she felt like it but she preferred her Pull-Ups to go to. This weekend, she surprised us with wanting to just wear her undies (and changing them about 20 times during the day, sigh) and lo and behold! Using the potty! Oh my goodness, when I heard that tinkle... I wanted to head outside and shout for joy. It's been 3 days now and we've even heard her going to the toilet by herself at least twice! Well, all we heard was a scrape of the step stool, a tinkle tinkle tinkle and the flush and then Keira screaming "I DID IT!!!". lol.

There are probably going to be setbacks but...we're on our way!

Busy weekend of gardening, planting and using the potty...hehe

Spending a lot of time in the washroom this long weekend...fine by us!


Tasha said...

Having the same problem over here. Glad to hear there is success at the end of the tunnel. Go Keira!!

Susan said...

Isn't it funny that no matter how far we have gone academically in our own personal lives, my greatest accomplishment seemed to be the day my kids actually used the potty the right way?! (not using as a step or a seat to read/play or hiding their toys in it?!)
Great job to both of you!!

joyce said...

Yay Keira! You're a big girl now!

Chantal said...

hahaha! Sue, that made me laugh. Keira still uses the "Princess" potty little container as a holding place for playing "tea time" in the bath. Lucky for me she uses the regular toilet. whew!

Audrey said...

Yeah Keira! I find that once they decide that they want to go pee on the potty then from that day forward it is successful. We used to bribe them with smarties :)